Living on a boat in the heart of London. A landscape where the boundaries between urban and rural are blurred, populated by people who live out of conventional society. Rich people live on the river Thames, while on the Regent’s canal you find those who can’t afford a flat. Only one thing unites them: the love for nature and freedom. Everything else divides them. Observing them every day in their habits, getting to know them, and finally describing them with a documentary that is the portrait of a unusual London and of an increasingly popular lifestyle.

About the director
Gloria Aura Bortolini (1982) is an Italian reporter, photographer and filmmaker. Her body of work includes films, documentaries, photoreportages and writing. After graduating in economics, marketing and communication, she started working as a reporter. Her film London Afloat has been awarded with the best documentary prize in several film festivals. Her background in journalism, paired up with her experience in photography and video brought her to documentary filmmaking and photoreportage. Her experiences inspired her to focus on intercultural dialogue, art, lifestyle and travel. Bortolini works for international televisions, magazines and independent projects.