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Both a capitalist invention and a Soviet symbol, the concrete slab buildings link a whole destiny of people. A film about a shared reality: people from different countries who live in concrete buildings tell their stories as they relate to industrial housing in the time of clashing ideologies between East and West. The film puts forward a European story of standardization that has ruled the lives of entire generations. Comparisons are made between spaces and public interests of the time as the tenants in different countries became virtual neighbours. The documentary connects various stories from all around Europe to erase the stigma concrete panel buildings often have, by relating their historical and European meaning.

About the director
Lorenz Findeisen (1975, Halle) is a France-based director. He studied German literature, political science and history at the University of Heidelberg and at Humboldt in Berlin. He was also a professor at the University of Leipzig and has many documentaries in his resume. Findeisen is also the founder of the collective Belladone.