Urbanista pass at the Budapest Architecture Film Days


We are delighted to collaborate with the Index blog “Urbanista” this year: Dávid Zubrecki recommends 5 must-see films from this year’s lineup and you can buy tickets for these screenings in one pack with the Urbanista pass.

Strange and Familiar – Architecture on Fogo Island | 4th March, Friday | 18:00 and 6th March, Sunday | 13:30
You’ve Been Trumped | 4th March, Friday | 21:15
Last Exit Alexanderplatz | 5th March, Saturday | 17:00
The Land of Many Palaces | 5th March, Saturday | 19:00
Millionaire Basement Wars | 5th March, Saturday | 14:00 and 6th March, Sunday | 16:00

Dávid Zubrecki started his blog in August 2008 and since then the blog has seen numerous changes. One thing remains the same, however. He always asks the most pressing question we can face daily: where do we live? His answers, completely independent from the fact whether he emulates the tone of humorous real estate advertisements or examines serious city planning decisions, are always actual and relevant.