The portrait of a house without supporting walls. A bold dome made of concrete, an open space – right in the middle of the bizarre rock formations of a rugged coast made of reddish granite. In the late 1960s actress Monica Vitti and director Michelangelo Antonioni commissioned architect Dante Bini to design their secret holiday home in a remote area of Sardinia. The emptiness of the ‘cupola’ and the deserted quality of the site are the starting point for speculating – seemingly at random, figures wind up in the image and enter the dome. Long and quite scenes, homage, a testament of its time. Even today, the utopia of an alternative concept of living seems to float above its form.

About the director
Volker Sattel (1970, Speyer) lives and works in Berlin, acting as writer, director, and cameraman in various film forms and genres. He studied directing and camera he studied directing and camera at the Baden Württemberg Film Academy and since then he has frequently directed and done camerawork, mostly in documentaries, and collaborated with Mario Mentrup on several experimental feature films. Sattelʼs works have received numerous awards.
His other film in a previous festival edition is Beyond Metabolism.